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A LOVE STORY is Denene and Nick's enthralling exploration of the power and glory of BLACK LOVE. To find the inspiration you need to nurture and protect the love in your life, pick up this exciting novel, NOW IN PAPERBACK! 

Nick Chiles & Denene Millner, husband & wife

The Critics Have Spoken: A LOVE STORY is a hit!!

"Her direct, clear-eyed tone is matched by his earthy narration, told very much from a male point of view, more raw than most romance language...Their recollections offer compelling access to their emotional states as they struggle to remain friends while becoming lovers...These gripping novels compel the reader to root for heroines--and to seek out authors--who disobey the rules."
--The Washington Post

"Dual narrators enliven this best-friends romance by husband/wife duo Millner and Chiles...the skillful and balanced rendering of his/her voices deepens the reader's insights into the characters' symbiotic relationship. This above-average summer romance should find its way to many beach blankets."
--Publisher's Weekly

"Authors Millner and Chiles deftly split the narrative into his-and-hers POVs to chronicle a tumultuous affair that means more than the lovers want to admit...Another earthy, funny, juicy winner, the third from this husband-and-wife team."
--Kirkus Reviews


THE VOW: A Novel by Denene Millner, Angela Burt-Murray and Mitzi Miller, authors of The Angry Black Woman's Guide to Life.

The buzz on this book has been incredible. Denene, Angela and Mitzi have followed up their hilarious non-fiction debut with a novel that's just as funny, sassy and fast-moving as their first book. It follows the travails of three sisters in Hollywood--an agent, a struggling actress and a gossip columnist--as they try to snag a husband in a year's time. It got a prized starred review in Publisher's Weekly and it's been all over the media. Get your copy as soon as possible!

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If it is to remain a sustaining force in our lives, Black Love must be nourished, it must be cherished, it must be protected, it must be celebrated. In our writing and in our living, this idea is never far from our thoughts.